Seabrook Rail Trail
is a vision to build a recreational trail on the rail corridor that runs thru Seabrook!
The Rail Trail will be a community asset offering a safe place for children, seniors, and all members of the community to exercise, learn to ride a bike, enjoy nature, or simply get where they need to go without a car such as the library, school, ball parks, Seabrook Recreational Center and shopping centers.
The benefits of trails go beyond recreational opportunities for trail users, though, and extend to local businesses, property owners, and communities at large.  The total package of benefits that trails can provide to communities includes recreation, public health, transportation safety, economic development, educational opportunities, and even fostering community pride.
 The Rockingham Planning Commission facilitates the NH Seacoast Greenway Advisory Committee, which is a group made up
 of representatives from each coastal town from Seabrook to Portsmouth. The State of NH owns the corridor from the Mass border up to the center of Hampton, and is in the process of acquiring the balance of the corridor from Hampton to Portsmouth from Pan Am railways.
This will create a continuous rail trail from Seabrook to Portsmouth, and beyond to the Eastern Trail which runs from Portsmouth to Portland Maine.  Right now Coastal Trails Coalition is beginning plans to connect their trail from Salisbury center to the Mass. border at Rt. 286. which will connect with our trail
The Seabrook Rail Trail will also be the first segment of the East Coast Greenway built in New Hampshire. The East Coast Greenway is envisioned as a multi-use trail running nearly 3,000 miles and connecting cities, towns and natural areas on the eastern seaboard from Canada to Key West Florida!

 Friends of Seabrook Rail Trail

5K Donors

99 Restaurant


Lena's Seafood Restaurant

 Leo's Super Bowl

Lindt Chocolate


 Markey's Seafood

Eastman's Fishing Fleet

 Sylvan Street Grill

Vision Max Cinema


Poland Springs 

Seacoast Coca Cola  

We would like to Thank All our sponsors, volunteers and Friends of Seabrook Rail Trail members that helped make our 2nd Annual 5K Road Race very successful this year!

We could not have done it with out the generous donation of time, energy and effort from everyone.


And don't forget to support our sponsors!

Locomotive Sponsor

Train Car Sponsors


2013 5K Road Race

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Train Track Sponsors 

Recycled Sports has been a great supporter of the Seabrook Rail Trail!  Derek Griggs has donated an incredible amount of time and effort to our cause! 
Please support Derek's business - Recycled Sports of NH, and let him know he is a 'Great Friend of Seabrook Rail Trail'!


Together, we can make this trail a great community asset!
Especially since we have become a destination for NH Tax-free shopping. 

The traffic has engulfed our town

and there are very few, if any safe roads to walk or ride a bike anymore.  Also, not all our children are involved in organized sports and this will give them a safe place to ride a bike, roller-blade with their friends and get out in the fresh air, hopefully becoming fitter while doing so.

 It will also be a wonderful place for all our citizens including the elderly to get out in the fresh air & sunshine!
his may even attract many who may not exercise outdoors currently for lack of a safe venue near their homes.


We are gathering a coalition of citizens to make this trail a reality.  Please join us!
 Let's work together to make this a wonderful resource for Seabrook.

We currently have the support of several partners that are be doing a considerable amount of work, such as technical writing and design, submitting grant proposals, identifying potential funding sources and
communicating with NH DOT and other state & federal agencies.

Below is a Google interactive map with photos and place markers.

Please click the map to see the future
Seabrook Rail Trail