2016 Scavenger Hunt Info

Friends of Seabrook Rail Trail would like to invite everyone to our 
2016 scavenger hunt & free cook-out from 1pm to 5pm
Saturday August 13th at the Seabrook Library parking lot.

Scavenger hunt registration begins at 1pm
Scavenger Hunt from 2pm to 4 pm
$5.00 per car load for Scavenger Hunt
Prizes will be gift certificates from local businesses
 and are listed below.

Even if you are not interested in the scavenger hunt, please join us for a free cook-out where we will be answering questions and providing information about our vision of the 
'Rail Trail Project'

Come learn about the Rail Trail Project and receive 
a free window decal to show your support!

       Scavenger Hunt Rules & Procedures

This is not based on time performance.


At 1 pm - Fill out Team Entry Sheet & each participant must sign their own Liability Waiver. Bring forms to registration table & pay $5. entry fee per Team.  Each Team will be assigned a Team number (#).

At 1:45 - The organizers will review the Rules. Then they will hand out sealed envelopes to all Teams which contains a map and a list of questions that need to be answered from site visits. (Teams cannot open their envelopes until instructed to do so).

At 2 pm - The SCAVENGER HUNT organizers will announce the start of the game and Teams can then open their envelopes to look at their list of questions. It is up to individual teams to decide what route they want to take during the game



The Finish Line

Once teams believe they have successfully answered all site questions, they must return to the library parking lot to have their answers checked by the organizers. (Please write Team Name on it). The question/answer sheets will be separated by the number of correct answers. Most correct in one pile, second most correct in next pile, etc. Each Team will be assigned 1 ticket with their Team # on it.


Each ticket corresponding with the Team # will be put in a bucket labeled with the amount of correct answers (ex. Bucket 14, bucket 13, bucket 12, etc.).  One at a time, a ticket will be drawn out randomly and the selected Team will be able to choose from the available prizes.  This will continue until all prizes are gone.


PLEASE be respectful of people, places and property!

Most importantly – Have Fun and learn about Seabrook’s history!