About Us

Friends of the Seabrook Rail Trail (FSRT)is a community based, volunteer organization in Seabrook, NH.  We are striving to transform the rail beds into a community recreational trail. The hope and dream of our organization is to provide the Town of Seabrook with a beautiful community trail for all residents to enjoy.
We feel that having a safe place for our children to exercise, play,
 roller blade, learn to ride a bike, or even walk, will provide a real benefit to our community. 

We see this becoming a community asset and resource whereby pedestrians and bicyclist can freely use the trail to exercise, connect to the library, recreation center, school, ball parks and shopping centers.

Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC), New Hampshire Seacoast Greenway (NHSG) and the East Coast Greenway (ECG) are all involved in helping us achieve this goal. 

We also have the full support of the N.H. Department of Transportation (NHDOT), who owns the rail road corridor.

FSRT is currently assisting, along with RPC, NHSG, & ECG with the process of constructing a management agreement between the town of Seabrook and NHDOT.