Rail Trail Neighbors
There are 4 local trails that are great examples of the type of trails we can build in Seabrook! 
 We encourage you to visit these trails
They are all part of the
Coastal Trails Network

 The Coastal Trails Coalition, Inc. (CTC) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization whose mission is to assist in the development, promotion, and stewardship of the Coastal Trails Network, a 30-mile public system of bicycle and pedestrian trails connecting the Massachusetts communities of Amesbury, Newbury, Newburyport and Salisbury.

This trail system is part of the
Boston To Border
rail trail that runs from Boston to the
NH border, meeting us at
Route 286 in Seabrook, NH.

Amesbury's Pow Wow Riverwalk

The Pow Wow Riverwalk in Amesbury, MA, is a paved 1.3 mile trail that will accommodate wheelchairs, in-line skates and  handicap scooters. 

It begins at the Carriagetown Marketplace  (Stop & Shop) on Route 11o.  It runs all the way to downtown Amesbury ending at the parking garage on Water Street.

This will eventually connect with Salisbury's Ghost Trail.


Carriagetown Marketplace trail head

Newburyport's Clipper City Rail Trail

The Clipper City Rail Trail was completed in 2010, and is a 1.1 mile multi-use pathway running between the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) commuter rail station and the shoreline of the Merrimack River near downtown Newburyport.

Click photo left to watch video!


Sailsbury's Eastern Marsh Rail Trail

 This 1.4 mile paved trail extends from the Merrimack River to Mudnock Road. It passes through the Great Marsh with wonderful views of the marsh with a newly constructed bridge over Town Creek.

Use the parking area on Friedenfels Road just before the Newburyport Bridge on Route 1.

Rabbit Road Parking Area & Entrance
This parking area is between Vaughns and the new solar farm at the end of Rabbit Road before you get to Elm Street/Route 110.

Salisbury Point Ghost Trail

Currently 1.8 miles, the Salisbury Point Ghost Trail provides a peaceful walk or bike ride through the woods on a very well-maintained stone-dust trail.

'Sharing railroad history with the Amesbury Riverwalk, the Salisbury Point Ghost Trail got its name because the train cars transported carriages and early auto bodies covered with white muslin shrouds. The trains passed through Salisbury with their "ghostly" freight on their way to Boston, Detroit and New York. Passenger service was also popular on the Salisbury rail line, and people could travel throughout New England, or even make a transcontinental journey from Salisbury. In 1936 passenger service was discontinued.'



Bartlett Road Parking Area & Entrance

This entrance to the Ghost Trail is on Bartlett Street. This street is next to the Dairy Queen on Elm Street/Route 110.